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Product Description

Leaflet and pamphlet printing at optimal quality. Your pamphlets and leaflets should be the perfect representation of your brand. Ensure that your design tells the story of your brand, products, and services in a way that is easy to digest and act on. Basic content of your leaflets should include a brief profile of your company, illustrations/images of your products and services and brief descriptions thereof. Be sure to include contact details such as your business address, email address, telephone number and website address. For the best results, use professional design software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator. Ensure that your saved artwork file adheres to all the items on the checklist. If you are not comfortable with the respective design software, why not try our professional design services? Great design is crucial, as a poor design can harm your overall messaging and brand.

MINIMUM ARTWORK REQUIREMENTS: • Font Size: 5pt • 300dpi image quality • CMYK Colour Mode • Safe Text Size: Size of product ordered -6mm • Remember to convert text to paths OR Convert artwork to Jpeg • Bleed: Product size +6mm.

Our Services

To give you get exactly what you need, Printulu enables you to customise your folded leaflets and pamphlets and guarantees you the best quality. We offer a number of options for you to configure your printed leaflets and pamphlets in terms of size, number of pages, paper, refinements, colour, and folding. Printulu ensures that your pamphlets and leaflets reach you safely and in time.


80gsm bond paper is most widely used in your office printer. This makes it the most popular and cost-effective paper for printing entry forms, letterheads, and other business stationery. 100gsm paper is a popular paper used for folded leaflets and pamphlets printing. The low cost and good quality make it suitable for a mass handout. Furthermore, the paper’s classy and smooth touch makes it a worthy informational pamphlet for customers. 170gsm paper is the best choice for premium paper at an affordable price. This paper provides a classy feel at a reasonable cost. 250gsm paper gives your folded leaflets and pamphlets a strong and premium touch, which is ideal for premium branding collateral. 250gsm paper is great if you want folded leaflets and pamphlets that are more robust against folds and worn edges. 350gsm Paper is our most premium paper that we currently offer. Due to its extra strong and solid touch, it makes an impact of utmost quality and durability. Essentially, if you want to leave a professional impression, 350gsm paper is your best choice.


The single-fold pamphlet is the simplest type of fold, where the sheet is folded once in the middle. For example, taking an A4 sheet and folding in half you will end up with an A5 folded leaflet. Roll fold pamphlet is a type of fold where each page folds in on itself. It is typically used to produce a trifold leaflet such as an A4 leaflet fold to DL leaflet. This is where an A4 sheet is folded twice into three sections, the right-hand page is folded inwards and then folded in again. Z-fold pamphlet is a type of fold where a sheet of paper is folded twice in the shape of the letter “Z”. A z-fold leaflet looks like a fan because the panels do not fold into one another. This ver popular choice for A4 leaflet fold to DL leaflets. Gatefold pamphlet. This type of leaflet will typically have two parallel folds, the left and the right-hand pages are folded inwards so that they meet in the middle. It looks similar to two gates opening outwards and it reveals the larger panel underneath. A gatefold leaflet can be any size but its final size will be half the original sheet size. Lamination is the process of covering your folded leaflets and pamphlets with a thin plastic film to protect them against water damage, scuffs, and worn edges. Choosing lamination adds elegance and quality to your pamphlets while enhancing the colour. Please note that this option is only available on 170gsm or higher.

The biggest difference is how these products unfold. Brochures and booklets function like a book or magazine. Folded leaflets and pamphlets allow you to place your information into a folded format that can expand into a poster.

Bleed is the area around your artwork that is trimmed off. This allows your design to look as if it was printed to the edge, even when the cutting alignment was slightly off. Your bleed should always extend to at least 3mm.

Spurred by the invention of printing, these items were powerful tools in the mass circulation of propaganda. Similar to flyers, these materials helped to fuel public debate and action in politics, religion, and societal issues. Most notable early users are Martin Luther, Voltaire, and Alexander Hamilton. The use of pamphlets as tools for steering public discourse was eventually replaced by newspapers and bound books. Brochures, flyers, leaflets and pamphlets share this common historical use and evolution. Today they are commonly used by businesses to distribute marketing information and by governments and institutions to distribute information related to healthcare or governmental processes.