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Product Description

For the best business card printing, use professional design software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator. Make sure that your final artwork file adheres to all the guidelines on our checklist. If you are uncomfortable using the respective design software, give our professional design services a try. Our graphic designer here at Printulu is always happy to assist with any design issues you may have for your business card printing.

MINIMUM ARTWORK REQUIREMENTS FOR BUSINESS CARDS: • Font Size: 5pt • 300dpi image quality • CMYK Colour Mode • Safe Text Size: Size of product ordered -6mm • Remember to convert text to paths OR Convert artwork to Jpeg • Bleed: Product size +6mm.

To lay out business cards for printing, you need to use the size of the business card ordered and add your bleed to the artwork. You should only supply one artwork. For example, if you ordered a 90mm x 50mm business card, your print-ready artwork will be 96mm x 56mm with trim marks.

The predecessors of business cards were already used around the 17th century by the upper class to announce important events or as an invitation. Back then, the cards only stated the name, while the card's back was kept blank for notes. By the 19th century, the cards had spread to the middle classes and also contained a person's background, profession, and status. They were also customized with portraits, crests, and sometimes even photographs.

Yes, we do! We call them PVC cards. These special business cards can be found here.

Absolutely! Our design services come at an additional cost, depending on whether you want both sides designed or one side designed. Simply click on the “Design Services” option when placing your order and select the type of design service you would like.

We define a design as an artwork. We have a strict policy of one artwork per order. This artwork can be both sides of the business card if you are ordering with full colour on both sides. In the case of multiple artwork, there are 2 scenarios: Scenario 1: Black changes only - this is where details such as names, contact details and email addresses change but the colour scheme, logo and other imagery remain the same. In these cases you can send a query to support@printulu.co.za to get a special quote. Scenario 2: Imagery changes. These would be separate orders and you would have to make a unique order for each unique artwork.

Your submitted file must be given a bleed (border) of 3-5mm relative. Essentially this means you get the size of the print with an added 3-5mm on all sides, giving us room to cut your custom print without worrying about annoying white borders. For example: If you order an A5 flyer, the size is 148 x 210mm, so therefore the A5 file you send us would be 154mm x 216mm. (148mm +3mm + 3mm {3mm per side}: 154mm) - Paper/Traditional Printing If you order an A5 Chromdek Board, the size is 148 x 210mm, so therefore the A5 file you send us would be 158mm x 220mm. (148mm +5mm + 5mm {5mm per side}: 158mm) - Large Format Printing.

Printulu only offers 250gsm and 350gsm paper to print business cards on with three business card finishing options: Gloss, matt & soft touch. Click here to visit our blog post about What Paper to Print Business Cards On

Document Setup: Create a new document with the correct dimensions, orientation, and bleed settings. Set colour mode to CMYK. Create a design & Save it as a High-Quality PDF with Bleed & Trim Marks. Read full instructions about How to Prepare a Business card for Print in Illustrator Here

A rough estimate is anything from R300 upwards,it depends on paper grammage & type as well as quantity and finishing options. Our online pricing can give you an exact answer. Read our general overview on business card printing prices to help you choose

Business Cards are printed using one of two methods namely litho and digital printing. Printulu automatically assigns the business cards to a printing method during our preflight approval process. Read about how business cards are printed

Setting up business card artwork for print in Canva using templates the correct way.Read How to Print Business Cards from Canva

Our Services

Printulu enables you to customise your business cards and guarantees you the best quality. We enable you to configure your business cards in terms of format, paper, refinements and colour to make your business cards your own. We offer you high-quality gloss and matt paper from 250gsm to 350gsm. We also ensure that your business cards reach you safely and on time.


250gsm Paper Printulu’s 250gsm paper is your best choice if you want to maintain a balance of a classy yet inexpensive business card. 250gsm paper is a good paper at a very affordable price. 350gsm Paper This is the most premium paper that we currently offer. It makes an impact of utmost quality and durability because of its extra strong touch. 350gsm paper is your best choice if you want to leave a professional impression. It is ideal for business cards printing.


Lamination is the act of covering your business cards with a thin plastic film. This protects them against water damage, scuffs, and worn edges. Choose lamination to add to elegance and quality to your business cards. This will also enhance the brilliance of the colours.

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