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Product Description

Present your promotional materials with style: whether it is for keeping your documents together or presenting important information to your clients, folders are a very useful tool for yourself or your business. Our offer and our quality ensure that you are well equipped with the right material. On top of that, the products will be shipped to you for free!

Design Guidelines

Take advantage of the large real estate to highlight your brand and company details. Use your bold brand colours on the folders to make them stand out and maximise brand impact. A professional design will help you get the most out of your printed presentation folders.

For the best results, use professional design software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator. Also, ensure that your closed artwork file respects all the items on the checklist for closing your artwork. If you are not comfortable with the respective design software, we recommend you employ the services of a design professional. This is crucial, as a poor design can, in fact, harm the overall impact of your folders and brand.

What Can I Expect?

Our Services

To give you get exactly what you need, Printulu enables you to customise your presentation folders and guarantees you the best quality. We offer a number of options for you to configure your folders in terms of size, materials, colour, and other finishes, to ensure your folders meet your needs. Printulu ensures that your presentation folders reach you safely and in time – best part: delivery is free of charge.


250gsm paper is your best choice if you want to maintain a balance between having classy and extra strong presentation folders. Essentially, the 250gsm paper is a sound and quality assuring paper at a very good price.

350gsm paper is our most premium paper that we currently offer. Due to its extra strong and solid touch, it has an impact of utmost quality and durability. Essentially, if You want presentation folders that represent the premium quality of your brand, then 350gsm paper is your best choice.


Lamination is the process of covering your Presentation folders with a thin plastic film to protect them against water damage, scuffs, and worn edges. Choosing Lamination adds elegance and quality to your presentation folders while gaining brilliant colour effects.

Binding is a relatively easy method of binding small volumes of paper. This fold allows your presentation folders to be produced faster and at a lower cost, to you, while preserving the quality and utility of the final print.


Will the folders fit in my standard A4 envelope?

No. The folders dimensions are 215 x 300 mm which makes them larger than your standard A4 size which is 210 by 297 mm. We recommend using an envelope that is at least 10mm larger than the folder.

Product History

The origin of the folder cannot be pinpointed to a particular moment but, there is a theory that the first known use of presentation folders was by a U.S. Civil War General lieutenant Joseph P. Meisburger. One can reasonably conclude that file folders were quickly adopted in many shapes or forms as soon as people had to handle large volumes of documents. Today there are many versions of these, from the large leather-bound folders to the more elegant printed and laminated presentation folders.

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