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Product Description

Networking is about making genuine connections. Sending contact information via text or email on the spot is convenient but it is also extremely impersonal. This is why business cards are still one of the best ways to make excellent first impressions with your prospective clients. This is important because the best business relationships begin with a good first impression. The actual value of business cards is often underestimated because of how long they have been part of marketing culture. Yet these small format cards are your best opportunity to make people remember you and your business. Memorable business cards do a lot more than just pass on an email address or phone number. Showing that you are prepared at all times is a great indicator that you are professional. Business cards remain the fastest and easiest way to share business contact information with other business people and with prospective customers and clients. Printulu offers you a variety of high-quality business cards to ensure you can leave the best impression. Did we mention the best part? You get unbeatable prices and free standard delivery to your address anywhere in South Africa.

Design Guidelines

The ground rules of designing and printing business cards are simple and similar to other advertising media: be accurate, valuable and precise and include only key information. The main goal of your business cards should be to communicate your contact details and basic brand message. Keep the design simple but eye-catching.

Your business cards should not be cluttered and should only contain vital information. Make sure the text on your business cards are no smaller than 8pt so that it remains legible. For the best results, use professional design software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator. Also, make sure that your final artwork file respects all the guidelines on the checklist for making your artwork print-ready. If you are uncomfortable using the respective design software, give our professional design services a try. This element is crucial, as a poor design can diminish the impact of your business cards as well as your business and its reputation as a whole.

What Can I Expect?

Our Services

To give you exactly what you need, Printulu enables you to customise your business cards and guarantees you the best quality. We enable you to configure your business cards in terms of format, paper, refinements and colour to make your business cards your own. We offer you high quality gloss and matt paper from 250gsm to 350gsm. We also ensure that your business cards reach you safely and in time. The best part: our delivery is free of charge.


250gsm Paper 250gsm paper is your best choice if you want to maintain a balance of classy and extra strong business cards. 250gsm paper is a high quality paper at a very affordable price.

350g Paper is our most premium paper that we currently offer. Due to its extra strong and solid touch, it makes an impact of utmost quality and durability. Essentially, if you want to leave a professional impression, 350gsm paper is your best choice.


Lamination is the act of covering your business cards with a thin plastic film to protect them against water damage, scuffs, and worn edges. Choosing lamination adds elegance and quality to your business cards while enhancing the brilliance of the colours.


Do you offer plastic business cards?

Yes, we do! These special business cards can be found here.

Do you offer business card design services?

Absolutely! Our design services come at an additional cost, depending on whether you want both sides designed or one side designed. You can request business card design services here: One side design | Both sides design

What if I have to print the same design, but a few details need to change?

We define a design as an artwork. We have a strict policy of one artwork per order. This artwork can be both sides of the business card if you are ordering with full colour on both sides.

In the case of multiple artwork, there are 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1:
Black changes only - this is where details such as names, contact details and email addresses change but the colour scheme, logo and other imagery remain the same. In these cases you can send a query to support@printulu.co.za to get a special quote.

Scenario 2:
Imagery changes. These would be separate orders and you would have to make a unique order for each unique artwork.

Product History

The predecessors of business cards were already used around the 17th century by the upper class to announce important events or as an invitation.

Back then, the cards only stated the name, while the card's back was kept blank for notes. By the 19th century, the cards had spread to the middle classes and also contained a person's background, profession, and status. They were also customized with portraits, crests, and sometimes even photographs.

Business cards as we know them today, are a product of advanced industrial developments. For business purposes all kinds of companies increasingly had to exchange contact information. In this context, business cards evolved into a crucial advertising tool and today constitute an integral part of business etiquette. Business cards also bear a lot of hidden meanings and perceptions. For instance, low quality and/or flawed information leave a poor impression and point in the direction of unreliability. In short, business cards and their appearance are absolutely crucial when meeting potential customers, investors, or partners. Furthermore, well designed and printed business cards are likely to be kept by their recipient and thus are your best branding tool.

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