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Product Description

Sticker marketing helps you stick out in every day’s busy life. Stickers can be handed out at events, placed on marketing material or in stores for an extra touch! Whether you need the stickers on white or transparent vinyl we have the stickers for indoor or outdoor purposes. Once handed to customers, stickers become the marketing vehicle for your brand. Order now for impressions that stick!

Design Guidelines

Stickers come in a range of formats and sizes and can be used in almost any environment, suited to a range of objectives, and capable of sticking on almost any surface. Therefore what is of most importance is to keep in mind, when designing your sticker, is the environment, the surface, the objective and the context. Added to that remember to use eye-catching images, and communicate your message clearly.

For the best results, use professional design software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator. Also, ensure that your closed artwork file respects all the items on the checklist for closing Your artwork. If you are not comfortable with the respective design software, we recommend you employ the services of a design professional. This is crucial, as a poor design can, in fact, harm your overall impact of your message and brand.

What Can I Expect?

Our Services

To give you exactly what you need, Printulu enables you to customise your stickers and guarantees you the best quality. We offer a number of options for you to configure your stickers in terms of size, materials, colour and cutting, to ensure your stickers meet your needs. Printulu ensures that your stickers reach you safely and in time – best part: delivery is free of charge.


Will you apply my stickers for me?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer services to apply your stickers, however, there are a number of online video tutorials that can help you with this.

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Product History

The earliest occurrence of stickers seems to be in ancient Egypt, where store merchants would use paper and some form of adhesive to illustrate the price of their products. After that, the earliest use appears to be on postage stamps in the early 1800s with Sir Rowland Hill receiving the credit for the invention. Following that, stickers gained their more modern marketing tool status, as product labels, after their use as colourful labels on fruit crates.

After many years and advancements in adhesives, paper and printing technology, stickers are now used for many purposes; from labeling, to promoting, and even decorating.

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