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Product Description

Print your punched tags with printulu and add a personal touch to your product. You can choose from a number of options such as different papers and finishing to make sure your tags come out exactly how you envision it. Professionally printed tags give your product, promotion or occasion a lasting impact. Tags personalise and brand anything from gift packs to wine bottles and flowers, at weddings and year-end, so that your guests and customers feel special.
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Design Guidelines

Tags give you the opportunity to add a short, simple and personalised message to your packaging. Therefore it's best to print these items at a high quality and with considerable thought put into your design. Use the limited space to make your recipient feel special. The basic content can be a logo, your company name and a short message. In addition, you can leave some space for the recipient's name.

What Can I Expect?

Our Services

To give you exactly what you need, Printulu enables you to customise your Tags according to your requirements. You can choose various options from quantity, format, paper, refinements, and where you want the hole punched. We also ensure that your tags reach you safely and in time.


250gsm Paper 250 gsm paper is your best choice if you want to maintain a balance of classy and durable Tags at an affordable price.

350gsm Paper is our most premium paper. Due to its sound weight and solid touch, it creates an impact of utmost quality and durability.


Lamination covers your Tags with a thin plastic film to protect them against water damage, scuffs, and worn edges. Choosing lamination adds a touch of elegance and quality to your Tags while enhancing the brilliance of the colours.


Do you offer custom shapes?

Our standard cut is straight cut. However, if you require a special shape then please email support@printulu.co.za and customer service can prepare a special quote for you.

What is “bleed”?

Bleed is the area around your artwork that is trimmed off. This allows your design to look as if it was printed to the edge, even when the cutting alignment was slightly off. Your bleed should always extend to at least 3mm.

Product History

The earliest use of tagging appears to be as an inventory control method. This method was later succeeded by the barcode. However, because the tag is readable by humans, it continued to be used for labelling and to finish the packaging on products, gifts and other items.