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Product Description

Get your fun and trendy selfie frames from Printulu. No matter what event you're hosting, selfie frames are perfect for jazzing things up and promoting your brand. These selfie boards are a more affordable alternative to photo booths.

No matter the event, selfie frames will automatically up the engagement and fun! A well designed selfie frame encourages people to take more photos at your event. Whenever your guests take photos and post them on social media, they inadvertently showcase your event which is great for giving you brand exposure.

Printulu’s selfie frame printing comes with a variety of different materials. We offer selfie frames on B-Flute, 10mm Xanita and 5mm PVC Foam Board. These materials are sturdy and perfect for handling. The best part? We deliver all over SA!

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Design Guidelines

You want to create brand awareness and engagement from your customers or just hype around your event. The information you include should be short, concise and relevant. Logo - Ensure your company logo and your slogan is included. What is it for? - e.g Printulu year-end event #Printulians Why? - Consider why someone may want to have their photo in your frame and what benefits this may bring to your business. Find out more - Include a Website, Social Channel or Hashtag to direct viewers to more relevant information. The recommended size for Selfie Frames is A1, which can fit two people in portrait and three people in landscape or A0 which can fit three people in portrait or four people in landscape.

What Can I Expect?


The frames are available in multiple sizes and configurations. Printulu enables you to choose the size that will meet your requirements. Custom sizes are available upon request.


B-Flute is strong and structural. The flutes serve as a protector, insulator and cushioning device. B-Flute is a 3.2mm thick corrugated fibreboard material that provides a sturdy, rigid surface for printing.

Xanita Xanita board is an engineered fibreboard manufactured from fibres recovered from recycled used cardboard boxes. It is 100% repulpable, lightweight and strong enough to be handled.

PVC Foam Board PVC foam boards are lightweight and easy to use PVC Foam Sheets. PVC foam boards’ white, smooth and uniform surfaces make it the material of choice for outstanding printing results.


How do I indicate the size of the inner window?

You have to use a die line for the inner square to indicate where we should cut the board. A dieline is used in graphic design as a placeholder for assisting in indicating where cutting should be as part of the finishing process. It is should be placed into the file as a separate layer and it should be a spot colour.

Selfie frame templates with die lines are available upon request.

What is “bleed”?

Bleed is the area around your artwork that is trimmed off. This allows your design to look as if it was printed to the edge, even when the cutting alignment was slightly off. Your bleed should always extend to at least 3mm.

Product History

It's no secret that selfie frames came in recent years with the Instagram and social media marketing era. But there is a fun fact about the selfie itself, did you know the first selfie was taken in 1839 on a daguerreotype camera by a man in Philadelphia named Robert Cornelius? href= “https://theculturetrip.com/north-america/usa/new-york/articles/history-of-the-selfie-a-photo-phenomenon/”>Read more here.<