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Product Description

Printulu’s incredible Info Pillars are the perfect way to catch your customer’s eye and educate them on the safety measures necessary for preventing the spread of Coronavirus in your establishment.

Brand these printed pillars and keep them in line with your business’ overall look and feel. Our Info Pillars are available in B-flute material. B-flute is a durable corrugated fiberboard with flutes of 3.2mm in size, which results in a robust but lightweight product, perfect for easy set-up and durability.

Our Info Pillars are available in one standard size, which is the ideal size for visibility whilst remaining easy to set up, move and use. The standard size of our Pillars is 120cm in height, with a 18cm width and a depth of 18cm as well. Have your Info Pillars delivered straight to your doorstep anywhere in South Africa.

Design Guidelines

Our Info Pillars are brandable! Ensure that your brand image is visible whilst educating your customers and/or employees about COVID-19 in a responsible manner. Use high-resolution imagery that will not pixelate on your info pillars. Ensure that all information printed on your info stands is accurate and up to date.

Please note that our single-sided printing option for this product means that all outer sides of the stand will be printed on.

For the best results, use professional design software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator. Also, ensure that your saved artwork file adheres to all of the items on the checklist for saving your artwork. If you are not comfortable with the respective design software, we recommend that you make use of our professional in-house design services. This is crucial, as a poor design can, in fact, harm the overall impact of your message and brand.

What Can I Expect?

Our Services

To give you exactly what you need, Printulu’s Info Pillar printing services allows you to customise your office look and feel and guarantees you the best quality. The best part? Our delivery is free of charge!


Is the single-sided printing option going to print on all sides of the pillar?

Yes! The single-sided printing option means all 4 outer sides of the pillar will be printed on, but not the inside of the info Pillar.

Product History

Coronaviruses possess a distinctive morphology, the name being derived from the outer fringe, or “corona” of embedded envelope protein. Members of the family Coronaviridae cause a broad spectrum of animal and human diseases. Uniquely, replication of the RNA genome proceeds through the generation of a nested set of viral mRNA molecules.

Until 2003, coronaviruses attracted little interest beyond causing mild upper respiratory tract infections. This changed dramatically in 2003 with the zoonotic SARS-CoV and the more recent emergence of MERS-CoV has confirmed the coronaviruses as significant causes of severe respiratory disease

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