Your Printulu Account is there to make things faster and easier: It allows you to access past orders and manage current ones. New orders are faster as your billing and shipping information is stored. In addition, product configurations can be saved to make recurring orders easier for you in the future. To create a Printulu account, just click the REGISTER button on the top right of our website, and enter the mandatory information (marked with a red *). Once completed, you can access and edit your account information, addresses, and future orders by logging in from the Dashboard.
Don’t worry – you can create your Printulu account also afterwards. Click CHECKOUT and then Register from your shopping cart by clicking the box below the email address entry. You will be asked to fill in Billing and Shipping address, so we can send you the finished product(s).
If you want to register a business account with Printulu, you just tick the “Business” box in the Billing and Shipping Information part of the checkout process. In addition, you state your company name and tax number in the designated area.
First, you need a valid e-mail address so we can keep you updated about the status of your orders and upcoming promotions. Second, you need to create your personal password to ensure the safety of your account. Make sure you choose one only you remember. Once your account is created, you can either fill in your Billing and Shipping information through your Dashboard straight away or during the Checkout once you place your first order.
You need to fill in all required information (marked with a red *) and press the CHECKOUT button. Once registration is completed successfully, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to the address you provided.
Once you received your confirmation e-mail, you can log in to Printulu simply by clicking LOGIN on the top right of our website.Just fill in your e-mail address and password and click LOGIN to access your Dashboard.
First, verify whether the e-mail address you provided was correct and did not contain and spelling mistakes. Second, check you spam folder of your e-mail account. If you find the e-mail in your spam, please mark it as “not spam” to ensure a proper future delivery.
If in fact you did not receive any e-mail from us, please get in touch with our customer service (e-mail, chat or phone), and we will help you solve the issue.
First, double check you are using the correct e-mail and password. Second, try logging into your account with a different browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer). If the problem persists, please contact our customer care service, and our team will identify the source of this issue.
To verify whether you are logged in, check if the MY ACCOUNT and LOG OUT button appear on the top right of our website.
Simply click the “Forgot Your Password?” link on the LOG IN page underneath the password line. Submit your e-mail and follow the instructions you get in the e-mail to reset your password.
You can simply remove products on the product card by clicking the X button. On the small summary basket on the top right of the page, you can find the X button next to the product image. On the large shopping cart before the checkout, you can find it below the product image.
Simply click on CHECKOUT once you selected your product(s) or just click the shopping cart icon at the top right of our webpage.
First check your shipping confirmation e-mail and your personal tracking link for details about your delivery. If you still have trouble getting your order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service. Please not that for some deliveries no tracking link is available.
You can easily access your order details by going to the “My Orders” section in your dashboard on our webpage as well as in your confirmation email.
You can upload your artwork on your order confirmation page once you have completed your payment (last step of checkout).
If you wish to upload your artwork at a later point in time you may do so in the “my orders” section in your Dashboard. Please note that your order is only completed once your art work/ design is uploaded.
Please upload per order only one artwork. If you have ordered a double-sided product, please combine them into one file.
You can upload a new file under the “My Orders” section of the website in your Dashboard. Please note that we send our newly received orders (only if successfully completed) into production once a day at 14:00 (2pm) sharp. If you upload your new/corrected artwork before that deadline, we are happy to consider it. Corrections after that deadline can unfortunately not be considered.
If you encounter any problems while uploading your files, please give us a call or send us an e-mail containing your artwork and order number.
Printulu allows the following formats: .pdf, .psd, .ai, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .zip, .rar, .eps, .tiff.
Please refer to our Artwork manual for details and help on how to best close your artwork file. To ensure best possible quality of your product, please follow our Artwork manual.
No. The minimum quantities displayed in the configurator are only for one product and one version of the artwork. For example, if you order 1000 business cards you can only upload one artwork for the order. However, if you order 4x250 business cards, the orders are separate and thus you can upload 4 different artworks.
Once you add your product(s) to your shopping cart, they will automatically be saved for 14 days in your Dashboard. Please make sure you complete your order in due time.
We send our newly received orders (only if successfully completed) into production once a day at 14:00 (2 pm) sharp. If you cancel your order before that time, you will receive a refund in form of a voucher. Please contact our customer service if you wish to cancel/change your order before the deadline. Cancellations/order changes after that time can unfortunately not be refunded.
Once we received your online order, we will send you automatically a confirmation e-mail.
Our customer service takes care of you and will answer all questions ranging from our website to technical and quality-related issues. Feel free to call or chat with us about your personal questions.
Please check first whether you received a confirmation e-mail for your order from us. If not, you can access your order in the “My Orders” section of the website in your Dashboard. Otherwise, try it again or contact our customer support.
Your order ID is a unique number linked to your personal order. You can use it for any inquiries, we use it to manage your order.
You can find your order ID in the confirmation e-mail of your order, as well as under the “My Orders” section in your dashboard. The order number always starts with “SA-”.
Currently, we offer you x payment methods for completing your order:
Credit Card
Instant EFT
EFT Bank Transfer
Tax invoices are automatically attached to all orders made with Printulu upon delivery.
Please check the validity of your voucher in terms of dates and products. If you continue to have problems, please contact our customer service.
Please check date and time specifications indicated on the checkout success page after paying and in the confirmation e-mail sent to you. It is important that you comply with this deadline to allow Printulu fulfill our production and delivery times promised to you.
To upload your artwork, please click “Upload Artwork” on the checkout success page, or do so under “My Orders” in your Dashboard.
After you have already paid with Instant EFT or Credit Card, changing the payment options is not possible anymore. However, if you have used bank transfer you may contact our support to change the payment method.
In an effort to make branding easier, more affordable and accessible to everyone in SA, Printulu now has 6 delivery options available.

Example of Flyers:

Economic Delivery - 10 working days
Standard Delivery - 7 working days
Standard+ Delivery - 5 working days
Express Delivery - 4 working days
Express+ Delivery - 2 working days
RAPID - 1 working day
Yes, Printulu offers delivery to all locations within South Africa.
Once your order is submitted, it is no longer possible to change your production and delivery options. Please check your configuration options in the shopping cart to ensure your order is according to your preferences before you submit it.
If you need to change your address, please give us a call and have your order ID ready.
Please note that we can only change your address, if your order hasn’t been sent out yet. Once shipped your delivery address cannot be changed any longer.
One order can only be associated with one delivery address. If you wish to have different items delivered to different addresses, you will have to submit and pay for multiple (the billing address can be the same).
Once your order has been shipped you will receive a shipping confirmation per e-mail from us. Most of these emails (depending on courier company) contain the tracking code of your order as well as your personal link to track your delivery.
Printulu offers a wide variety of products. We are always committed to meet all of your printing needs. To see our current offering, please visit our homepage.
Printulu offers a wide variety of papers for your products. In the future, we will offer a Paper Booklet, which we will ship to your address. Then you can make the best decision for your printing needs.
We offer Lamination as type of refinement for the product(s) you select.
While flyers are only one page, leaflets are folded flyers and thus bigger in size. A brochure contains several pages and thus is the biggest in size from the three options we offer. For further information please refer to our product descriptions.
While configuring your product, you will be provided with tips and explanations where necessary. You can access these tips and explanations by clicking information icon next to the options.
If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to call our customer service for further assistance.
You will receive a follow-up e-mail from us a few days after your order has been delivered. We will ask you for a rating and recommendations. We would highly appreciate your time to tell us what you liked and what we can do better next time. If you want to do it earlier, please contact our support directly.