Quick Product Overview:

Do you have your business card design ready for print? Do not worry if you haven't got a design! Our experienced designer are here to help you find the optimal design to support your brand. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

One Side Biz. Card Design

Detailed Product Info:

How does our design service work? We would like to ensure that you get exactly the design you want. In order to speed up the designing process and to match your requirements, we would like you to send us the following information after the purchase. Also, 3 reviews with our designer are included free of charge! 1. Provide all details to be displayed on the business card 2. Send all icons/images and logos you would like to have on the business card. Please make sure that the images you attach are high resolution in order to guarantee a high print quality. 3. Please let our designer know how the design should look like. Alternatively, our graphic designer is also happy to come up with a creative design. After you have given the instruction you can relax! The graphic designer will send you the first draft within 2 Business Days. Afterwards, you can feedback and review the design 3 times in order to get exactly the business card you desire. When you order the design with us, you do not have to worry about the printing quality - our designer will make sure that the artwork is high quality.

Our offer for you:

Printulu Logo Small
Production Cost R150.00
Delivery Surcharge R0.00
Net Price R150.00
Tax 14% R22.50
Gross Price R172.50