Newer is always better, and we’ve been adding more and more updates to our products and to our system. But we realise that while this is super exciting, online shopping can also be confusing with so many updates. We want to make sure you’re kept in the loop at all times. So here’s a full guide to everything we’ve updated in the last year on our website that will benefit you, as well as useful links to help you use them efficiently.

We also want to let you know what we’ve seen from our side. Sometimes one or two issues that we’ve seen for a while keep occurring, and everyone involved wants to pull their hair out in frustration. When trying something new, it’s only natural that there will be some temporary setbacks. But we like your gorgeous hairdo, so we’d like to keep hair loss over printing issues to a minimum.

Exciting 2019 Print Product Updates.

Selfie FramesBookmarksWallpaperTelescopic BannersGazebos and so much more!

So far, we’ve added over 15 new products to our website this year. We’ve received rave reviews from you on our new additions, and we’re so excited to expand on our product range even more. We even have an entire variety of different banners on our website (Check out: How to Save Money on Flags and Banners. (Which Banner Should I Buy?)).

We’re Definitely Not Single – Our New Paper Supplier.

Sometimes, relationships don’t work out, and that’s okay. For various reasons, we decided to split ways with our previous paper supplier earlier this year. There are no hard feelings, and Printulu has found someone new. 

Kalideck Antalis is a trusted international business-to-business distributor of papers, packaging, digital media and display, supplies and equipment and associated services. Their paper is superior quality and makes our hearts skip a beat! If you want to know more about Kalideck Antalis, check out their website here: Kalideck Antalis.

All jokes aside, we made this decision for the benefit of our clients. The paper does feel and look different from what we used to have, so we’ve created a new paper booklet for you so that you can familiarise yourself with the new paper before ordering.

We have a snazzy Printulu branded paper booklet, as well as a ninja-style unbranded paper booklet for our re-sellers.

Our New Automated Design Process That is Changing the Game!

We’re incredibly excited about this new feature, because we know how much easier it makes life for our clients. Read everything you need to know here: Our Game-Changing Design Process: And How To Use It

Here’s a quick video where Tumi (Growth Analyst) and Trudi (Graphic Designer) explain the process in a few quick and easy steps.

Unfortunately, Old Habits Die Hard…

There are two major hurdles that we find ourselves facing more than once with our clients. We’d like to clear the air so that no misunderstandings can influence our relationship with you again. (After all, communication is key in all relationships, wink wink)

1. Multiple artworks uploaded to a single order.

We’re still seeing some misunderstandings in regards to this issue. Let’s use Bob as an example.

Bob wants to order five posters, but each has a different design. What Bob needs to do is place one order, with 5 separate poster inputs. This is because our system loads one artwork per product item, so that there are no mix-ups on our side. Printulu deals with hundreds of orders each day, so this is the most effective way to make sure nothing unwanted happens on the production side of things.

2. Multiple email addresses linked to one order.

When you’re online shopping and you place an order with a specific email address, we use that email address to track your order. All of your communication with us is linked to that one email thread, so that we’re sure we never miss a thing! So even if you have two email addresses, please be sure to use only one dedicated address when you communicate with our friendly customer care agents. This is to avoid any miscommunication and frustration. Send us an email now to to get started!

There Are Some Things That We Will Never Change.

We want to make a promise to you. While we are always continually striving to upgrade our services and offer you the absolute best products out there, there are some things we won’t change, ever.

Our customer service will never stop being our top priority. We love when our clients use our system as it was made to be used – an automated process that is completely self-fulfilling. A few clicks and there you go – your products arrive at your doorstep. But we also love to chat to you and hear your voice, so if there are ever any doubts in your mind about your order or our services, we want you to know that we’re there for you. Just drop us an email or give us a call at 010 593 0558.

If you want to always be in the know and not miss any exciting updates or changes from our side, subscribe to our weekly newsletter. (PS – there are some crazy deals that you DO NOT want to miss out on!)

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