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Product Description

Large format banners are an extremely useful marketing tool for businesses of any size. The pull-up banners are multi-purpose and convey your brand message clearly. SMEs particularly like to use this means of affordable marketing to attend events or conferences, to convey the unique selling points of the business in your offices or advertise promotions in and around your store. The banners are printed on high-quality vinyl and can be used indoor and outdoor! Get your roll-up banners now at Printulu!

Design Guidelines

Pull up banners are large and offer a lot of advertising real estate. We recommend keeping your design as clean and simple as possible. Use them to show your brand name and logo and the key message or offer that people should take away. Furthermore, you can add some contact details for people who want to look you up or save them for future use (website, telephone number and email at the minimum.)

For the best results, use professional design software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator. Also, make sure that your closed artwork file respects all the items on the checklist for closing Your artwork. In the case of You being uncomfortable with the respective design software, we recommend You to outsource to a design professional. This is crucial, as a poor design can, in fact, harm Your Flyer-campaign as well as Your business, message and your reputation as a whole.

What Can I Expect?

Our Services

We offer you a wide range of configurations to print your pull-up banners as you would like them to be: this includes a variety of formats, papers, and refinements to best match your design. In addition, Printulu only employs the best printing equipment (offset or digital), to ensure that your banners have the highest quality level. Our process is extremely easy: choose your configuration and quantities online, add the banners to your cart, check-out by paying online, and then simply upload your files. Your pull-up banners will then be delivered to your doorstep – free of charge!


PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride, it is very durable and dirt resistant – this makes pull-up banners a perfect marketing product for reuse in your business environment and at your events.


The Economic Stand is very cost effective and stylish. This unit comes with a metallic silver finish and is ideal for indoor displays. The easy to carry and quick to set up functionality make these stands ideal to take with you to your next conference and expo.

The Executive Stand is a deluxe roll up banner has an attractive chrome finish. This gives your pull-up banners a premium image that is ideal for exclusive events. The easy to carry and quick to set up functionality make these stands ideal to take with you to your next conference and expo.


How much do the displays weigh?

Our banners are made to be lightweight and easy to carry around when travelling. Depending on your specifications, the weight can vary between 3.2kg and 4.2kg.

What type of material is used for the banner display?

Our banners are printed on PVC (Polyvinyl chloride). This makes them durable and dirt resistant and perfect for reuse in various business situations.

Product History

Banners get their origins from flags or pieces of cloths that displayed symbols, logos, slogans and other messages. These were usually suspended from a pole or mounted onto a wall so they could be seen from a distance or carried on horseback. Today banners come in a variety of materials and advancements in printing have made printing elaborate designs easier. The pull-up banner is a most notable advancement in this regard as it is easy to carry, quick to set up, and can be reused in many situations.

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