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Product Description

Easy to handle, affordable and eye-catching – flyers are one of the most common tools for campaigns. Check out Printulu’s range of different configurations for you and print flyers that are just right for your next move. We ensure you good prices, high quality and most certainly free delivery.

Design Guidelines

The ground rules of designing and printing flyers are simple and similar to other advertising media: be accurate, valuable and precise and include only key information, such as unique selling points. In addition, tell people how to reach you (website, telephone number, email, and address at the minimum).

Furthermore, make sure to reach your audience both on a typographical as well as visual level. The flyer’s design and layout need to catch the viewer’s full attention. For the best results, use professional design software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator. Also, make sure that your closed artwork file respects all the items on the checklist for closing your artwork. If you are uncomfortable using the respective design software, we recommend outsourcing to a design professional. This is crucial, as a poor design can in diminish the impact of your flyer-campaign as well as your business and its reputation as a whole.

What Can I Expect?

Our Services

We offer you a wide range of options to print your flyers as you would like them to be: this includes a variety of formats (incl. custom formats), papers, and refinements to best match Your message and design. In addition, Printulu only employs the best printing equipment (offset or digital), to ensure that Your Flyers have the highest quality level. Our process is extremely easy: choose Your configuration and quantities online, add the product to your cart, check-out by paying online, and then simply upload Your files. Your products will then be delivered to your doorstep – free of charge!


100gsm Paper is the most popular paper used for flyer printing. This is due to its relatively low cost at still good quality. In addition, its classy and smooth touch makes it the most commonly used paper for Flyers.

170gsm Paper is your best choice if you want to have classy and extra strong flyers. Essentially, 170gsm paper is a good way to limit cost while maximising the impression of your flyers.

250gsm Paper gives your flyers a strong and premium touch and thus stand out in the mass of flyers that are distributed every day. Additionally, the 250gsm paper proves more robust against folds and worn edges. Essentially, 250gsm flyers make an impact and a lasting impression.


Can I add folds to my printed flyers?

If you want folded options for your flyers, please see our folded leaflets and pamphlets page.

Can I write on the back of my glossy flyers?

Standard glossy paper is glossy on both sides so it is not easy to write on the back of these flyers. If you wish to print flyers that you can write on the back of, then we suggest you go with our matte papers.

Product History

Flyers were the first mass communication tool and have been in use ever since the 15th century. Most Flyers back then were commercial – like the tabloid from the middle ages distributed on markets, in front of churches, and also in bookstores.

The main themes of Flyers were sensations and miracles as well as political and military news, and information. While layout and content of the flyers, as well as audience, changed over the course of centuries, the actual purpose of Flyers has remained: Flyers are a very good and comparatively cheap tool for mass communication.